Consistently achieve high-performance results when deploying fast broadband service to the home.

  • Easy-to-use OneCheck TDR with auto ID ensures every technician can locate copper faults
  • Prove true customer experience with standardised TrueSpeed tests (RFC-6349) 
  • OneCheck automates field tests and simplifies copper results to close jobs right the first time
  • StrataSync cloud-enabled asset and test data management gives visibility on test results, completed tasks, and keeps track of used instrument inventory
  • Modular platform scales for new WiFi, fiber, and VDSL technologies
  • More flexibility and efficiency using everyday, common mobile devices via the OneExpert DSL app with remote control, data enhancements, and connectivity
  • Test and ADSL2+/VDSL2 including bonded and vectored pairs, copper, POTS, and coax/HPNA
  • Multi-touch, friendly user interface leverages user experience from smartphones and tablets
  • StrataSync cloud-enabled architecture provides easy asset management and test data management
  •, VDSL (vectoring and bonding), and ADSL networks
  • Copper, TDR, spectral tests
  • Fiber, wifi, coax, and wiring test and installation
  • Web, video, VoIP, TrueSpeed verification and troubleshooting


The industry standard in enterprise certification for both copper and fiber network certificaiton.

The Certifier40G is not only the most advanced solution available, it is also the fastest and most complete. Whether certifying copper or fiber, users will get the job done right and on time…the first time!

  • The industry’s fastest CAT6A solution can certify each cable within 9 seconds, saving users 30 minutes each time they test 150 CAT6A cables*
  • Tier 1 certification of multimode, single-mode, and multimode MPO fiber in less than 6 seconds
  • Automate pass/fail end-face analysis for all fiber types
  • Gain complete test visibility at both local and remote ends
  • Pre-configured with all leading manufacturer’s cabling specifications
  • Achieve complete network certification with one device
  • Optimize productivity with the industry’s fastest test workflow
  • Obtain comprehensive results for the latest TIA-568 and ISO 11801 requirements
  • View test set up and results data and edit labels at both local and remote ends
  • Complete TIA 568/ISO 11801 copper and fiber certification
  • TIA-942-A data center certification
  • Certify plug-and-play (trunk/cassette) fiber connectors with MPO connectors
  • Objective pass/fail testing for IEC 61300-3-35 fiber end-face requirements
  • Permanent link and channel adapters for certifying to TIA category 5e/6/6A and ISO class D/E/EA/F/FA
  • Multimode (850/1300 nm) and single-mode (1310/1550 nm) adapters for Tier 1 fiber certification (loss/length/polarity)
  • Multimode (850 nm) MPO adapters for certifying and troubleshooting MPO links and trunks
  • Industry-leading Viavi P5000i digital fiber end-face inspection probe support
  • Integrated, standards-based certification labeling and reporting
SmartClass TPS

SmartClass TPS

All-in-one tool for broadband services installation, including copper, ADSL 1/2/2+, WiFi, coax, HPNA, fiber, IP data, VoIP, and IP video testing.

  • Reduce repeat faults, save money with comprehensive testing in an all-in-one tool
  • Cut test times in half for xDSL and triple-play services with OneCheck™
  • Avoid the complexity of copper testing with one-button CableCheck™
  • Save time using SmartIDs™ to troubleshoot an entire multipoint coax network in one test
  • Improve overall technician efficiency with mobile apps and simplified, one-button testing
  • Supports WiFi
  • Tests ADSL2+/VDSL2 including bonded and vectored pairs, broadband services (data, VoIP, and IP video), copper, POTS, fiber, WiFi, and coax/HPNA
  • Web browser
  • OneCheck automates all ADSL2+/VDSL2, data, VoIP, and IP video tests and reports all key quality metrics
  • CableCheck verifies copper-pair health with balance testing and ground checks
  • SC TPS mobile device application for iPhone/iPad (iOS App) provides remote control, job management, and technical support content including tutorials
  • DSL networks and triple-play services
  • WiFi and in-home coax networks
  • Broadcast and VoD streams including VMOS
  • VoIP packet streams
  • IP data connectivity



Premier triple –play access network tester installs and maintains copper and fiber based bonded ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, Microsoft TV, VoIP and data plus legacy networks.

  • Best-in-class for test accuracy -- it really does matter
  • Multiple chipsets supported for xDSL -- widest interoperability on the market
  • Find real problems up to 30% faster -- correlates copper, xDSL and IPTV measurements
  • Protects your investment -- modular approach to add GigE, Ethernet, E1, etc.
  • Helps you define an accurate, repeatable test strategy -- with automated tests, expert modes -- reduces errors and minimizes repeats.
  • 3.8" diagonal, 1/4 VGA, Color Active Matrix display.
  • Simplified user interface to facilitate ease-of-use and minimize technicians learning curve.
  • Handheld, rugged and portable. Lightweight (1.3kg/2.7lb). Weather resistant. Ideal for field use.
  • Battery operated (up to 10 hours). Swappable battery pack.
  • RS-232, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • PC replacement - including file transfer, 8MB of storage, VT100 emulation, printing and web browser.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker. Headset connection.

  • Full copper analysis suite – qualify, provision, and troubleshoot copper pairs – includes DVOM, Opens, TDR, wideband TIMS, spectral noise, and resistive fault locator (RFL).
  • Bonded ADSL2+/VDSL test accuracy brings up both pairs of a bonded group simultaneously
  • Gigabit Ethernet module features SAMComplete/ ITU-T Y.1564 service activation- automated SLA verification and troubleshooting for circuits that carry multiple services and bandwidth profiles.
  • Unique USB-mounted Viavi P500i provides unique pass/fail fiber inspection
  • Standard automation and TechComplete - Improve testing processes through automation and centralized, web-based management tools.


Enables technicians to install and troubleshoot copper-based single pair and bonded pair VDSL2 and ADSL2+ circuits the right-way -- dual ended with UltraFED IIB.

  • Reduces back-and-forth drive time to change line conditions Provides line terminations and remote test capabilities
  • Built for the future -- isolates crosstalk for VDSL2/ADSL2+ bonded pairs
  • Thru-mode operation takes customers out of service only when necessary
  • Greatly simplifies fault isolation and identification for less-skilled technicians
  • OneCheck™ diagnostics identify faults up to three times faster
  • Second-pair operation to accurately assess the effects of near-end crosstalk (NEXT) and far-end crosstalk (FEXT)
  • Remotely, from the Viavi HST-3000, provide strap (short), open, drop battery, transmit tones and trace tones
  • View pair endings with TDR Helper, enabled on the HST-3000, which provides alternating short and open to the pair
  • OneCheck Copper Test Suite provides simple diagnostic tests that isolate typical faults a technician encounters every day
    • OneCheck Copper for DSL - Determines overall pair(s) health over the DSL technology provided  with thresholds and filters set by technology
    • OneCheck Series Fault - Check for series fault presence, typically  from splice failures
    • OneCheck Bridged Tap - Determines bridged tap (lateral) existence on the pair with distance to  and length of tap
    • OneCheck TrueLength - Provides actual pair length by correlating capacitive, resistive and TDR  loop measurements
    • OneCheck RFL Pretest - Indicates whether a resistive fault was  found and identifies to run next to precision locate it
    • OneCheck Kick Test - Quick copper-check to assess the pair's health prior to final test
    • OneCheck Shield Test - Determines resistance from the HST-3000 to the UltraFED IIB
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