Optical Equipment

The digital fiber microscope is a unique device that fully automates the inspection process, significantly reducing inspection time and simplifying workflow. The equipment is used to inspect the polished surface of fiber optic connectors, and its high-resolution results are ideally suited for post-polish inspection of high quality end faces. It also detects scratches that technicians may miss, delivering the level of sensitivity long sought in the industry. The FVA is powered by a 12V adapter (included) and a PC via USB 2.0. FiberChekPRO is an advanced application that determines the acceptability of optical fiber end faces through automated inspection and analysis. It identifies and characterizes defects and contamination and determines their location relative to the fiber core. It then provides a PASS or FAIL result according to a pre-configured failure criteria setting.

Network Equipment

The modular design of the ONT offers high flexibility and lets users operate multiple test modules in one mainframe. The ONT-600 series, the next generation ONT family, replaces highly successful ONT-503/506/512. Allows users to uncover potential issues during development  avoiding costly last minute changes Saves test time and reduces cost of equipment with comprehensive test signal creation and intuitive GUI Provides efficient use of hardware by allowing multiple users access to different modules simultaneously Offers low overall cost with multiple applications supported by single modules Most comprehensive testing of OTN/SDH/Ethernet/Fibre Channel ensures the highest level of standards compliance and interoperability Provides latest transport technology support with 40G/100G, ODU0, and ODUflex testing Provides high-accuracy jitter and wander measurement results

Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Chassis

Today's rapidly changing optical market requires investment is productivity-enhancing technologies and tools, making the Multiple Application Platform scalable test platform the right tool needed in even the most stringent environments. The Viavi Multiple Application Platform (MAP)is an optical test and measurement platform optimised for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements. The MAP-200 builds on the differentiation of offering the broadest portfolio of modules in the densest and most configurable platform. The system is optimized for test applications in lab and manufacturing environments ranging from insertion loss testing to dispersion penalty testing.

Optical Signal Switching & Routing

Manufacturing test automation is critical to reducing product costs and optical switches are at the heart of any automated test system. The Viavi mOSW-C1 Optical Switch Module and mISW Optical Switch Tray are built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of Viavi optical switch technology. With more than 30 years of leadership in optical switching across network, monitoring, and manufacturing applications, the mOSW-C1/mISW-C1 represents a new milestone for performance and reliability with the industry’s smallest footprint.
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