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Increasing broadband service penetration demands a transport network that delivers significantly lower cost-per-bit than traditional circuit-switched networks, and Ethernet provides the technology baseline for a cost-effective transport technology. Time division multiplexing (TDM) networks such as synchronous optical network/synchronous digital hierarchy (SONET/SDH) and plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) are based on technologies that can natively carry a timing reference at the physical layer. These features are driven by the need to carry TDM timing information to enterprise users over packet networks. Time reference normally acquired by PTP, NTP, SyncE, GPS or Rubidium clock. To ensure the quality of services of the network offer, careful check and test are required to ensure the network have a correct time reference.


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  • Industry-leading Time Error solution delivering sub-ns accuracy - essential for validating 5G network devices.
  • Addresses all 5G Enhanced Time requirements up to 100GbE.
  • Validate SyncE Jitter and Wander, ESMC and PTP to ITU-T G.826x and G.827x standards.
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  • 3G/4G/5G field sync measurements and 4G Over-the-Air.
  • For LTE-A, TDD LTE and small cell deployment - test network phase accuracy and validate network performance to ITU-T limits.
  • Measure and analyze metrics: PDV, FPP, TE/max|TE|/dTE, MTIE/TDEV. Best-in-class internal Rubidium and accuracy.
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  • Highly stable laboratory time/phase/frequency reference source.
  • Run GPS connected or in holdover.
  • Provide reference clock signals to Calnex devices or any other laboratory equipment.
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  • One box test bed for Packet Sync – PTP (1588), SyncE. Unique test methodology with 5 nanosecond accuracy.
  • PTP (1588) Master and Slave emulation (with optional SyncE support) for fully controllable protocol and timing test.
  • Complete Standards compliance testing to ITU-T G.826x/827x.
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  • Focussed one-box test solution for PTP applications.
  • Full timing analysis of all PTP timing metrics and parameters.
  • Master and Slave Emulation for fully controllable protocol and timing test.
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  • Four independent transmit and receive ports to test four seperate network devices simultaneously.
  • Ideal for system verification, benchmarking, regression test or Proof or Concept.
  • Test chains (e.g. BCs) requiring multiple simultaneous test points.
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Paragon-neo, Paragon-X, Paragon-t and Sentinel option 133.

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  • Easy graphical characterization for network and device timing.
  • One-click metrics and masks for multiple industries.
  • User-customized metrics and reports available.
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  • 25GbE and 10GbE Fronthaul with SyncE pass-thru.
  • Test data-center relocation or network expansion under real-life (latency and packet loss) conditions.
  • Verify Quality of Experience (Qoe) in loss and latency sensitive triple-play services.
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  • Full suite of impairments at full line rate.
  • Add packet corruptions, latency, jitter, bandwidth policing/shaping, overhead overwrite and more.
  • Wireshark powered Flow Wizard automatically detects traffic making filter classification easy.
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  • Test cloud-enabled networks and services, including Voice/Video, Mobile Subscriber Network, Cloud Computing and Data Center Network acceleration and optimization.
  • Use either stand-alone or in combination with the Spirent TestCenter Virtual or Spirent Avalanche Virtual.
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