Increasing broadband service penetration demands a transport network that delivers significantly lower cost-per-bit than traditional circuit-switched networks, and Ethernet provides the technology baseline for a cost-effective transport technology. Time division multiplexing (TDM) networks such as synchronous optical network/synchronous digital hierarchy (SONET/SDH) and plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) are based on technologies that can natively carry a timing reference at the physical layer. These features are driven by the need to carry TDM timing information to enterprise users over packet networks. Time reference normally acquired by PTP, NTP, SyncE, GPS or Rubidium clock. To ensure the quality of services of the network offer, careful check and test are required to ensure the network have a correct time reference. 
Timing & Synchronization Solution
  • Test over PTP, NTP, SyncE and TDM
  • Measure and analyse metrics: PDV, FPP, TE, MTIE/TDEV
  • Test network phase accuracy.
  • Multi-port / Simulteneous measurement
  • Capture live network conditions and replay with offline analysis data
  • Validate network performance to ITU-T limits.
  • Producing professional live or offline reporting for further troubleshooting or analysis
Timing & Synchronization Services


Simultaneous testing reducing test times and complexity
Enterprise Network Time Servers
Time & Frequency Distribution
Integrated GNSS Grandmaster
Time Source Enhanced PRTC (ePRTC)


All-in-one Field Sync Tester PTP, NTP, SyncE and TDM
Testing PTP, SyncE, NTP, CES and OAM up to 10Gb/s
Simultaneous Testing Reducing Test Times and Complexity
The Precise Traffic Impairment Tool for Real-life Testing
Test with Real World Network Conditions in your Lab
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