We are offering network testing & commissioning to operators, contractors, vendors and individual. Highly experienced and well-trained team able to assists in per project basis reducing overhead or impacting project cost. Clients may rely on our consultation to plan network test or audit existing network to fit with levels of service offered to end clients. 


Our experience in telecommunication industry and proficiency with our test equipment had been proven beneficial for assisting contractors or operator to achieve reliable installation. Our expert engineers can be contracted for recurring project or hire by project basis to ensure design objectives meet the specification. 


We are offering preparation of a plan to test a network. The plan defines the scope, approach, criteria, schedule, responsibility, resources and procedures. Defined objectives of the test by identifiying the areas of the network to be tested including volume testing, stress testing, recovery testing, security testing and performance testing. Our consultation would be based on local telecommunication authority and inline with current technology available to ensure efficiency and reliability of the installation.


We understanding existing network assets is the first step in planning performance enhancements or the deployment of a new service. In cases where acquisition, growth or restructuring and consolidation have taken place, not knowing the details of the estate can stop a project moving forward. As a one of the expert in the market, our Network Audit can fully addresses this requirement for customers. A Network Audit provides a comprehensive inventory and topology map which enables a true understanding for the future development of the network and to ensure the infrastructure has adequate support services in place. We provide a timescale for the network audit based on the number of users and will work to ensure minimal disruption.


Telecommunication technology has been rapidly increase correspondance with today traffic need. New technology require a proof of concept before accepted to be deploy. We as expert is this field would be able to provide assistance during POC by giving consultation, planning and deploying solution.
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